Revelations of the Heart: A Faith-Driven Path to Divorce Clarity


Are you a Woman of God navigating the complexities of a toxic or abusive marriage? Seeking divine clarity and peace on the subject of divorce? Introducing "Revelations of the Heart: A Faith-Driven Path to Divorce Clarity," a hardcover personal development book crafted especially for you by Woman of God and divorce survivor, Amanda Nicole.

🌺 Why "Revelations of the Heart" is Your Essential Guide:

  1. Guidance Beyond Guilt: Learn to navigate your path to divorce clarity without the weight of guilt.

  2. Divine Parenting: Discover how your role as a parent remains powerful even after choosing a different path.

  3. Children's Prosperity: Understand the positive impact your decision can have on your children's lives post-divorce.

  4. Exhaustive Efforts: Gain insight into recognizing when you've done everything possible before making the crucial decision to leave.

  5. Faith-Driven Decisions: Learn to discern the difference between giving up on your marriage and surrendering your spouse to God's guidance.

  6. Guilt-Free Liberation: Find the path to releasing yourself from the guilt of hurting your ex by choosing to leave.

📘 Inside the Pages of "Revelations of the Heart":

  • 32 jam-packed pages of profound biblical truths and personal experiences addressing each question in the table of contents.

  • A complete Christian guide designed to help women of faith understand God's true heart on divorce, reassuring you that God is not angry; His love guides your decisions.

🌈 Your Divine Journey Awaits:

"Revelations of the Heart" is not just a book; it's your companion on a transformative journey towards understanding God's true heart on divorce. Amanda Nicole, a Woman of God and divorce survivor, shares her wisdom and experiences to guide you through the process.

🌸 Why Choose "Revelations of the Heart":

  • Each question is answered with biblical truth and personal experiences, ensuring authenticity and resonance.

  • Tailored for women of faith who seek a different path—one grounded in divine guidance and truth.

⭐ What Women Are Saying:

"wish there was more of this info. thank you for sharing God bless" - Ashley, a Woman of God

"Yes, yes, yes! My soul says YES! Love your energy, ... and your purpose!" - Sheila, a Woman of God

"I remember when I did think our marriage would be saved, somehow. Then my eyes were opened and I realized I wasn’t even supposed to be in this marriage. Took me 2 1/2 years after our marriage ended to finally get back to myself, but I’m getting stronger everyday. Thank you Lord. And Amanda is a great coach!" - Monica, a Woman of God

🌟 Take the Leap Towards Divine Revelation Today:

Your journey to divorce clarity and divine understanding begins with "Revelations of the Heart." Don't let fear or guilt hold you back. It's time to embrace the truth that will set you free.

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Revelations of the Heart is more than a book; it's your guide to understanding God's heart on divorce. Trust the journey, embrace the truth, and experience divine revelation.

Note: Amanda Nicole is not a licensed counselor. "Revelations of the Heart" is based on personal experiences and biblical truths. It is recommended to seek professional guidance for personalized advice.