The Missing Piece of Marriage Advice for Women of Faith

10 years ago when I was seeking marriage advice, I was like most other Christian women, I was seeking biblical counsel on how to improve my dysfunctional marriage. I wanted something that would teach me how to turn my marriage into a happy one. But every resource, video, book, or piece of advice I got, didn’t work to improve my marriage. It wasn’t that it was bad or ungodly advice, it just seemed like somehow it wasn’t meant for someone in the kind of marriage I was in. It seemed like the solutions offered were ones that required a different kind of husband-and-wife relationship than what I was dealing with. They required a loving and respectful spouse (or at the very least a nice one), but mine was disrespectful, apathetic, mean, and cruel. They all talked about me changing to be more like the Proverbs 31 wife, and the submissive spouse. But I’d been doing that for years and it seemed like no one was acknowledging the fact that his behavior towards both me and the kids was neglectful and downright verbally abusive (among other things).

I was tired of reading materials and listening to sermons that accused wives with marriage issues of being controlling when that simply wasn’t the case. I desperately wanted to be led by a loving and godly husband, for both me and our kids. But the reality was that I was in a marriage (and had been for years), where I had no idea what it meant to be treated like a Proverbs 31 woman or a submissive wife; to be loved and cherished, or even appreciated.

After years of frustration, now sadly I was past the point of looking for marriage advice to improve my marriage. Now I was looking to simply identify what kind of dysfunctional marriage I was in and how to stop the cycle of pain and toxicity for me and my children. Now I was ready to at least look into divorce.

If any of this sounds like you, believe me, you’re not alone. There are countless women of God in your same situation, and they are just as confused about what is happening to them as you are. But the good news is that I can help.

When I was in your shoes, I finally got fed up with trying to find someone who could help me and went to God for help. I found that so many times when we talk to God, He is silent on the questions we’re asking until we ask the right questions. When I was seeking marriage advice to improve my marriage, it was crickets, but when I began asking about divorce, God had plenty to say. I took everything He said to me and put it in a book called “Revelations of the Heart: A Faith-Driven Path to Divorce Clarity.”


In this book you’ll learn...

  • Why having a happy marriage with God at the center had seemed impossible for you?

  • Why your marriage is so much different than everyone else’s?

  • How to understand the two types of marriages listed in scripture (that aren’t being talked about anywhere else) and which one you’re in?

  • Why being a Proverbs 31 woman/submissive wife in the type of marriage you’re in, only turns you into a spiritual martyr and doesn’t improve your marriage?

  • How to get on the path to finding God’s chosen spouse for you, one who carries His heart for His bride?

  • How to stop the pain and toxicity for both you and your children?

  • How to experience God’s freedom...through divorce?

As if that wasn't enough, there's more! I've developed a 7 days challenge to go along with the book. 7 days to Divorce Clarity. Each day includes an exercise to help you along your journey (an additional value of $50). With the combination of videos and exercises from me, you'll have everything you need to achieve divorce and marriage clarity in 7 days!


Don’t waste any more time on advice that doesn’t work and simply leaves you more frustrated and confused than before. Start the 7 days challenge! Get the book and begin your journey towards freedom and clarity today!

So don’t delay, ORDER NOW!