About Us

Welcome to Freedom Through Divorce

My name is Amanda Nicole, and I am the creator and CEO of Freedom Through Divorce. Freedom Through Divorce is a faith-based company dedicated to creating personal development products and courses that help women of God experience freedom through divorce.

Believers who find themselves in toxic marriage often have no one to turn to who understands what they're experiencing. No one who can walk them through this difficult journey with biblical teach, Godly counsel, and personal experience, without making them feel judged or condemned.

I found myself lost, hurting, broken, and unable to find help when I needed it while I was dealing with my toxic marraige and divorce. I created this company to make sure all of the women of God who come after me will NEVER be left alone. It's my desire to be a mouthpiece for the heart of God on the subject of marriage and divorce. It's His truth that provides comfort and freedom through divorce.

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