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If you're reading this, it means I've reached out to you because I believe you're an incredible content creator and I'd love to partner with you to promote my brand. As women of faith, we have the power to fulfill God's will for our lives, living out our purpose while supporting and uplifting others along the way.

From exploring your content, it's evident that you're already doing an amazing job at that. Now, I'm wondering if you'd be interested in joining forces with me to amplify our impact together.

I'm Amanda Nicole, the founder of Freedom Through Divorce. I'm passionate about bringing encouragement and hope to women of God who are trapped in toxic and abusive marriages. Together, we can empower these women to rediscover their true selves and move towards the freedom that God intends for them.

Through my brand, I offer a range of personal development digital products specifically designed to support women of faith in toxic and abusive marriages. These products help them navigate their journey towards their God-given purpose.

While I firmly believe that marriage is a sacred institution ordained by God, I also recognize that not all marriages have His blessing. Those toxic relationships lacking His seal of approval may require the necessary step of divorce. My mission is to assist women of God who find themselves in these situations, just as I once did. I aim to provide them with hope, encouragement, and the tools they need to embrace the freedom God has in store for them.

My digital product collection covers various topics, including understanding marriage and divorce from God's heart, discovering one's God-given purpose after divorce, pursuing successful career development, learning to study the Bible and hear from God, and so much more. There truly is something for everyone seeking growth and transformation.

If you have an audience of women of God, I would be honored to partner with you. By simply being yourself and sharing your personal journey, you can promote my products to your audience. As a brand ambassador, I will provide you with a coupon code to receive a free copy of the product you're interested in promoting. All you need to do is enjoy the product, share your authentic experience with your audience, and earn a commission for every purchase made through your unique referral link. It's a win-win!

Of course, I understand that you would want to learn more about me and my store before promoting my products. To get to know me better and explore my brand, here are some helpful links:

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I'm excited about the opportunity to work with women of faith who are boldly living out their beliefs online. Together, we can support each other's dreams and contribute to the advancement of God's Kingdom.

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